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A burn injuries

A consume wounds Understanding Exercise Consume wounds are frequently caused when the skin comes in direct contact with a bare fire or a hot surface. Singing can happen when there is contact with a hot fluid. There are a few different sorts of consumes, for example, synthetic, brought about by solid acids or bases, and radiation, the most ordinarily realized model being burn from the sun from UV light. Consumes are characterized by degree, where seriousness increments with a higher degree. A more up to date grouping framework isolates consumes into three classes: shallow, incomplete thickness and full thickness consumes. The patient in the situation has a full thickness severe singeing. This typically brings about loss of the external skin layer (epidermis) causing the patients skin to be numb and feel hard and weathered to the touch. This level of consume requires prompt clinical consideration as they don't mend all alone. Proteins at the site of injury denature and cells in the end bite the dust, set apart by the arrangement of dark eschar at the focal point of the injury. When the skin boundary has been broken, the homeostatic elements of the skin are lost. There is fast loss of body liquid and blood plasma which can now and again cause obvious growing. As the skin is the bodys first line of resistance, consume wound contaminations associate with the size of the consume injury. The epidermis continually sheds off and takes destructive microorganisms with it. Besides, the acidic idea of the skin forestalls the passage of microorganisms that by and large incline toward unbiased conditions. Consumes are likewise connected with a discouraged insusceptible reaction. Given this data, it is nothing unexpected that disease is the chief reason for death in consume casualties. As it is a severe singeing, the patient will have invested some energy in clinic where there is a more serious danger of disease. Patient to tolerant contact by means of emergency clinic gear and staff permits fast transmission of pathogenic microscopic organisms. The consume wound is an ideal site for sharp colonization by pathogens in light of the fact that the eschar gives a soggy, protein rich condition which energizes bacterial development. The abundance of necroti c tissue gives a rich development medium to the microorganism. In the clinical introduction, the patient grumbled of fever, chills and a terrible smelling release from the consume wound. These are for the most part indications of contamination so the specialist was right to endorse the patient an anti-toxin. Be that as it may, based on the variety of microbiology information gathered in the research facility, the specialists decision of anti-toxin was erroneous. A fourteen day course of flucloxacillin 500mg was endorsed to the patient to be taken orally multiple times day by day. Flucloxacillin is an anti-infection having a place with the penicillin gathering. It is utilized to treat diseases brought about by gram-positive microscopic organisms, most usually Staphylococcus aureus. In the research facility, the tiny slide was inspected under a magnifying instrument utilizing the oil inundation focal point. Pole molded microorganisms were watched and they were recolored a pink/red shading. This shows the microscopic organisms present in the discha rge tests is gram negative. Along these lines, flucloxacillin would have no remedial impact to the patient as it is just bactericidal against gram-positive cells. The three agar plates were inspected and perceptions on the shading, shape, size and smell of the provinces was noted. There was no obvious development on the Mannitol salt agar (MSA) plate. This sort of particular agar is utilized to separate Staphylococcus aureus as it represses most other microscopic organisms because of its high sodium chloride fixation (7.5 %w/v). The nonattendance of development on the MSA plate gives additional proof that there is no Staphylococcus aureus colonization in the patient. The states on the cetrimide agar were a pale, overcast earthy colored shading and emitted the smell of spoiling organic product. The utilization of cetrimide agar as a particular and differential agar takes into consideration the disconnection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a gram-negative microorganism. Cetrimide is a smelling salts compound which hinders most microscopic organisms, including some Pseudomonas species (however not P. aeruginosa). It additionally upgrades creation of the color pyocyanin which brings about brilliant green states. In any case, a few strains of P. aeruginosa don't deliver the shade. The development on this plate affirmed the pathogen present in the patient is Pseudomonas aeruginosa and the drab states demonstrate it is a non-shade delivering strain. There was likewise development on the MacConkey agar where the provinces were to some degree boring yet had an orange hint. MacConkey agar is a particular differential medium used to distinguish gram-negative microscopic organisms and decide if they are lactose fermenters. Fermenters show up as brilliant red provinces while non-fermenters are generally drab. As there was development on this plate, the microorganism is unquestionably gram-negative yet not a fermenter because of the nonappearance of red settlements. P. aeruginosa doesn't age lactose which clarifies the shade of the provinces. An oxidase test was completed which gave a positive outcome, demonstrated by a dark blue shading toward the finish of the test stick. An oxidase positive organism has the chemical required in the last phase of breath to frame metabolic water. Just vigorous or facultatively anaerobic microorganisms give a positive outcome. This biochemical test presents additional proof that P. aeruginosa is the contamination causing microscopic organisms since it is a commit aerobe and hence have the cytochrome oxidase protein. Stock jugs containing development medium, a bacterial culture and an anti-infection at five distinct focuses (all in  µg/ml) were watched. Overcast stock weakenings demonstrated the microbes was safe and had the option to develop. Clear stock weakenings demonstrated the microbes was delicate to the anti-microbial and its development was hindered. The microbes was impervious to erythromycin at all fixations utilized (1.25-20â µg/ml). Erythromycin is a macrolide anti-toxin identified with penicillin. The outcomes demonstrate it would have no helpful impact whenever recommended to the patient. Amoxicillin indicated antimicrobial action against the microorganism at groupings of 20â µg/ml and 40â µg/ml. Notwithstanding, at fixations above 12â µg/ml, the bacterium is viewed as impervious to amoxicillin so it has no remedial impact to the patient. Penicillins don't appear to have noteworthy antimicrobial impacts for this pathogen which shows the specialist was wrong in his solution of flucloxacillin as it is too an individual from the penicillin gathering. The portion of 500mg will impossible be sufficiently high to be valuable and any remedial dosages would be at too high a focus and in this manner unreasonable. Cefuroxime, a second era cephalosporin, was successful at groupings of 16â µg/ml and 32â µg/ml. Once more, this was over the transitional fixation run so doesn't profit the patient. A more up to date age cephalosporin may should be utilized as they give inclusion against a more extensive range of microorganisms. The stock weakening containing ticarcillin was clear at centralizations of 8â µg/ml and 16â µg/ml. The middle of the road focus run for this medication is 10-20â µg/ml so the base inhibitory fixation is 8â µg/ml. This medication is a carboxypenicillin a sub gathering of the penicillin family. The microscopic organisms demonstrated moderate affectability to the medication however just at genuinely high fixations. Amikacin was additionally successful underneath its middle of the road extend (6-10â µg/ml) and repressed bacterial development at centralizations of 4â µg/ml, 6â µg/ml and 8â µg/ml. Amikacin is an aminoglycoside and is a reasonable anti-microbial to use aga inst this pathogen as it demonstrated high affectability to the medication. The specialists decision of antimicrobial treatment won't be useful to the patient as flucloxacillin is compelling against gram-positive microbes just and the patient is contaminated with gram-negative P. aeruginosa. Pointless utilization of this anti-infection could cause bacterial obstruction. P. aeruginosa is normally impervious to a wide scope of anti-infection agents and in this way diseases where it is the causative specialist can be hard to treat. Expansive range specialists are required as they are the main medications which give inclusion against the microscopic organisms. The patient could be treated with an aminoglycoside, for example, amikacin. Gentamicin could likewise be utilized yet the trial information shows the pathogen is certainly delicate to amikacin and considers have discovered that P. aeruginosa is bound to create protection from gentamicin than amikacin. Aminoglycosides are bactericidal and act by meddling with the bacterial ribosome, prompting off base perus ing of delivery person RNA. This would be utilized alongside a third era cephalosporin, for example, ceftazidime. Carboxypenicillins could likewise be utilized (for example ticarcillin) yet they have just moderate movement against Pseudomonas species and research has indicated that microscopic organisms rapidly create protection from them. Third era cephalosporins give inclusion against P. aeruginosa, not at all like first and second era which have a progressively restricted range of action. They are additionally bactericidal and apply their impact by meddling with cell divider union. In spite of the fact that there is no critical proof of the advantages to utilizing the two medications in blend, it is levelheaded to do as such as it forestalls the development of freak qualities impervious to one of the specialists. The two medications are likewise thought to have a synergistic impact when utilized together. Neither of these medications are retained by means of the gastrointestinal tract so should be directed by means of the parenteral course. Amikacin is given by means of intramuscular infusion at a portion of 15mg/kg every day in two isolated dosages. The portion must be chosen cautiously as significant levels of amikacin in the circulation system can make harm the ear (ototoxicity). Ceftazidime is given by intravenous mixture at a portion of around 2g like clockwork, contingent upon the seriousness of the disease. In outline, the accessible microbiology information demonstrates that the specialists hypothetical conclusion was off base and that the patient h

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The Glass Menagerie Discuss the symbolism used in Scene Five Essays

The Glass Menagerie Discuss the imagery utilized in Scene Five Essays The Glass Menagerie Discuss the imagery utilized in Scene Five Paper The Glass Menagerie Discuss the imagery utilized in Scene Five Paper Paper Topic: Writing The Glass Menagerie Before I investigate the imagery utilized in scene five of the Glass Menagerie I need to take a gander at the real name of the play The Glass Menagerie. Tennessee Williams has utilized this decision of title to show how sensitive and delicate Laura is in this play. She thinks about these glass creatures and shines them with extraordinary consideration, shielding them from risks that dont essentially exist in the Wingfield family unit. This is likewise how Lauras mother Amanda acts towards her solitary little girl who is frightfully timid, pulled back from the outside world and furthermore disabled which Amanda decides to overlook. Williams set this play in a poor quarter of St Louis during the 1930s, a period of extraordinary change in a bigger number of ways than on. In Spain Guernica was besieged by the Germans in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War, this made a ton of distress between legislatures of the world. There was a ton of vulnerability about everyones future. Likewise the second World War was characteristic and in everyones minds. Tennessee Williams utilization of names to represent certain things is done in an intriguing and shrewd manner. The Wingfields condo square is inverse the Paradise Dance Hall; the utilization of the word heaven triggers of loads of musings in my brain, one of these is the scriptural reference to the Garden of Eden. God made an ideal spot for Adam and Eve to live yet Eve convinced Adam to take freedoms and were exiled from their ideal world. The individuals going to the ballroom have no considerations on the planet; this is a long way from reality as I expressed previously. There is lost guiltlessness going to grab hold of the honest American country that nobody can expect or get ready for. This Symbolism additionally shows how Amanda feels, her good faith about discovering her young unpracticed girl a spouse to think about both Amanda and Laura. Since Amanda doesnt acknowledge the truth of her circumstance its like she is living in a morons heaven. She overlooks the way that her little girl doesnt have the right social abilities to engage men of honor guests, as she is extremely hermitic and alarmed of the other gender and furthermore that Laura is disabled, Amanda must understand the more she disregards the reality it wont simply vanish. Tom attempts to call attention to this to Amanda and she doesnt need to acknowledge reality. As she had loads of noble men guests in her childhood she continues thinking back about her days as an excellent and very much looked for after southern beauty. This conduct in spite of the fact that she doesnt acknowledge is harming her effectively exceptionally delicate and slight little girls point of view. The utilization of music in this scene has an enormous effect onto what the crowd feels, as the stage isn't loaded down with props the music puts things in place and furthermore makes the crowd mindful of the characters emotions at that point in the play. The titles of the tunes are emblematic and imitate the characters activities. At the point when the move music All the world is sitting tight for the dawn! is played it is done so when Amanda is looking at the image on the mass of her irritated spouse, who fled to Mexico. He just sent the family a postcard, this was no utilization as all it contained was hi, farewell. Amanda frequently just fantasies about the past it is as though she would prefer to be living in the past than quite the current day loaded with vulnerability and stress. The decision of music is all around chose as when the headings for the music change the ballroom music changes to a tango that has a minor and to some degree unfavorable tone This speaks to what is to come in the following part, the appearance of the man of honor guest, Jim. He doesnt comprehend what is coming up for him, and that he was welcomed under falsifications by Tom. This adjustment in music additionally represents the adjustment in temperament of the entire American populace with the vulnerability about the war and life as a rule. The vast majority would visit these ballrooms as a method of getting away, similarly as Tom departures to the motion pictures each night to get away from the unforgiving truth of his life. At the point when Williams was really composing this play he definitely thought about the war and the difficulty in Spain so continues including these various sorts of music to make the crowd really consider the time that the play was set. Tom was simply keeping his side of the deal with his mom however, when he brought back a noble man guest for Laura, who was working and could accommodate his mom and sister he could leave and follow his fantasies about turning into an author. Tom was going to welcome anybody round as long as it implied he could leave his exhausting unremarkable life simply attempting to keep his family and not really getting a charge out of the personal satisfaction. Toward the finish of scene five a solitary violin rises and the stage diminishes out, this proposes the hopefulness of both Amanda and of Laura in regards to Jim the courteous fellow guest. This could then again represent something very surprising and relating back to the foreboding tango could represent the decimation that the individuals, the nation and economy would endure in the coming years. This play utilizes legends on the screen. At the rear of the stage these words have genuine implications, which the crowd can identify with the play. The start of this scene opens with a legend on screen perusing Annunciation this is relating back to the book of scriptures when the Angel Gabriel revealed to Mary that she was pregnant. This resembles Tom disclosing to Amanda that they will anticipate an honorable man guest, it is something that Amanda has constantly needed for her little girl. It shows the advent of the refined man guest. The utilization of the picture hanging in the lounge area of Tom and Lauras father is a steady token of his vanishing. It is likewise a suggestion to Tom of what his points are, to leave the family, and ideally never return. To Amanda the image is a consistent token of her bombed marriage and nearly makes her much progressively unshakable on finding the right spouse for Laura, which Laura doesn't acknowledge by any means. She would incline toward just to sit at home getting all worked up about her sensitive glass zoological display. Their dads representation speaks to the truth of life, there isnt constantly a glad completion and make Amanda considerably increasingly stressed that Tom will leave looking for greater and better things. As he generally goes out to see the films he will have perceived how the other half live and need those things for himself and the main way he figures he will ever get them is on the off chance that he leaves his mom and sister. The set itself represents a variety of things for example, the main path into the Wingfields loft is through the emergency exit. Amanda has sentimental dreams and envisions this corroded old emergency exit being a Mississippi veranda with a swing seat on it, which is so distant from reality it is crazy, which stresses Amandas flexibility to confronting reality in the present time and place. For Tom, the emergency exit represents his longing to leave the loft and advance all alone doing what he needs to do and not going along to what his requesting mother needs him to do. He likewise utilizes this emergency exit each night to escape from the unforgiving truth of life by going out to see the films that appear to be his asylum. The imagery in this memory play exists on numerous levels not exclusively is it in the exchange however the visual as in the emergency exit, the legends and the music. As Tom is thinking back onto his life a few perspectives are genuinely ambiguous yet the entirety of the various props and discourse utilized assistance make an increasingly clear image of the Wingfield family in the crowds eyes.

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Is it a video

Is it a video Before I got to MIT, I had never really made anything. I saw something on the admissions website about a Maker Portfolio and got nervous because I had nothing to put in one of those and thought that maybe they only admit the people who submit one because those are the people who have been actively building up a portfolio of technically creative stuff theyve made meanwhile Ive kept all my abstractly creative ideas in my brain because Ive had no opportunity refused to create the opportunity to manifest them in the physical world because putting yourself out there is scary and a lot to ask of a teen whose brain is not yet fully developed and wont be for a while. I did not submit any kind of portfolio, but I got in. Fast forward to now, and putting yourself out there is still scary, but with the help of assignments and deadlines,01 the most effective way to motivate me Ive been able to Make things. Here are two examples of things Ive made. CMS.335 Short Attention Span Documentary: Profile02 look at how the f and i in that word merge this is a cool font CMS.335 is about the basics of principles of documentary, particularly the production of short03 the final project had a maximum length of seven minutes video content. We went over some of the classic composition and editing rules, but most of the focus was on creating your own work and critiquing others work. This class is always over-enrolled on the first day. I imagine this popularity corresponds with the rise of short documentary content04 e.g. AJ+, NowThis, etc. on social media platforms. It could also correspond with the rise of people finding out that CMS is a really cool05 the coolest bloggers are CMS-affiliated subject area and the classes are just better than those in other subjects, but that might be just a little bit subjective. The first assignment was to profile a person or a place in about two minutes. The instructor was considering removing the option to choose a place because people were reluctant to choose a place in the past, but luckily it was still an option in Fall 2017. I say luckily because I dont know that many people, and I spent a lot of my time that semester in one place: working desk at MacGregor. (If you look closely at the video, Alex is in there somewhere.) Three birds, one stone: 1.) blogging about 2.) doing an assignment while 3.) working desk. My quality of work declined after this first assignment, partially because I had to involve human06 implying that the desk workers are not human subjects07 with their schedules and conflicts and consent-to-appear-in-the-video waivers... but mostly because that semester ended up being really busy for me. Nisha was my profile-ee in the final project, but that project file was corrupted and may now be gone forever.08 and tbh that project turned out kinda bad bc I had too much content, not enough space and/or time and/or spacetime 4.354 Introduction to Video and Related Media: Architecture of Vision 4.354 is about exploring visual space09 and to some degree sonic space, we just havent gotten to that yet through the medium of video. I think these foundational ideas of space, composition, and design are why the class is listed under Course 4.10 architecture, art, design Weve (Sabrina is also in this class) watched some classic cinema, delved into the theory behind it, and put together a few group projects shot on Super 8 film stock. Most of the assignments have been about collecting footage, but this assignment11 which I turned in about 25 hours ago was about starting with all the footage our groups have taken in the past assignments and weaving together a short experimental film using Pudovkins and Eisensteins principles of editing. Filming on Super 8 is a slightly difficult12 we are truly spoiled by automatic exposure/focus and the instant gratification of being able to just delete footage and digital displays that let you know youre hitting the rule of thirds just right but nonetheless rewarding process; its one of those things that you wont really get until you try it out.13 or unless you are much larger-brained than I am Here I am, amazed that objects do in fact reflect light, and that that light can be physically/chemically captured/converted into images. Our brains can do this too, I guess, but I cant14 shouldnt handle my retinas with my hands. These have been some of my favorite classes so far, in large part due to the critical process. Your classmates get to watch your work and say what they love or hate about it. Rarely in life do you get that kind of live feedback. Additionally, your viewers can come up with much more interesting interpretations of your work than you could have ever imagined, which feels nice for some reason. My plug for video-making classes can be summed up as this: Theyre HASS Classes But You Dont Have To Write All Those Damn Papers. Take a video class. the most effective way to motivate me back to text ? look at how the f and i in that word merge this is a cool font back to text ? the final project had a maximum length of seven minutes back to text ? e.g. AJ+, NowThis, etc. back to text ? the coolest bloggers are CMS-affiliated back to text ? implying that the desk workers are not human back to text ? with their schedules and conflicts and consent-to-appear-in-the-video waivers... back to text ? and tbh that project turned out kinda bad bc I had too much content, not enough space and/or time and/or spacetime back to text ? and to some degree sonic space, we just haven't gotten to that yet back to text ? architecture, art, design back to text ? which I turned in about 25 hours ago back to text ? we are truly spoiled by automatic exposure/focus and the instant gratification of being able to just delete footage and digital displays that let you know you're hitting the rule of thirds just right back to text ? or unless you are much larger-brained than I am back to text ? shouldn't back to text ?

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Organizations and Awareness towards LGBT Rights, Equality...

America is the country of freedom, where all men and women are treated equal. Sadly, this principle is not true when it comes to one’s sexual orientation. According to the gay bullying statistics from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community, â€Å"About one fourth of all students from elementary age through high school are the victims of bullying and harassment while on school property because of their race, ethnicity, gender, disability, religion, or sexual orientation.† Being set apart from the norm is the primary reason for this particular type of bullying. To stop this discrimination based on sexual orientation, working with organizations such as Campus Pride or It Gets Better Project, is a step in the right direction.†¦show more content†¦Another way of indirectly bullying someone is by excluding him or her from a social group. This type of bullying is the most common. Another type of bullying similar to indirect bullying is cyber bull ying. Cyber bullying is done over text messaging, email, websites, blogs, social media sites, etc. Jacob Flatten, a college student at University of Green Bay, admits to being bullied about his sexual orientation throughout high school. Jacob states, â€Å"I came out of the closet my sophomore year of high school and my mother was totally understanding, but my father on the other hand, was livid. Still to this day, our relationship was never truly the same.† To summarize, Jacob thought that no one would treat him differently at school but that was not the case. He said that he was never physically abused, but the emotional abuse was almost too much to bear. Jacob said, â€Å"When I had to change in the locker room for sports or gym class, I was forced to change in the bathroom stall because my male classmates felt uncomfortable changing around me.† He says that his mother would have to physically have to drag him out of bed each morning because he did not want to face another day of the emotional abuse. Sadly Jacob states, â€Å"I would get called some of the most harsh names you could think of, they are not worth ever repeating. I truly hope times have changed and teens do not have to goShow MoreRelatedThe Prevention Of Violence And Discrimination Based On Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity1713 Words   |  7 Pagesinto their judicial system, allowing the systematic oppression of the LGBT, leading to violence in the form of hate crimes and even death. The GA3 committee, however, will be dealing with the prevention of violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The topic is multi-dimensional in terms of aspects which ranges from deeply rooted prejudice within a culture/country/religion to lack of awareness of the community in order to be accepted. This report aims to educateRead MoreHuman Service Course History Paper1447 Words   |  6 PagesPaper Nikki Boswell Western Washington University â€Æ' Introduction The year is 2015 and I can’t imagine not having the freedom I do today. Marriage equality is a very recent topic in history. It wasn’t very long ago that laws prohibited the marriage of same-sex couples. I have decided to investigate the history of marriage equality and the organizations that helped make the dream come true. In order to fully understand the changes that occurred, and to comprehend the level of discrimination that wasRead MoreChicano Movement Essay1540 Words   |  7 PagesMovement was the Civil Rights Movement for Mexicans that took place in the mid 1960s. Chicano meaning sons and daughters of Mexican immigrants. The Chicano movement had several goals, including rights for field workers, better education for Mexicans and empowerment of Mexicans. The movement was rooted in Los Angeles. In the movement, were different groups to tackle down different goals. The famous activist, Cesar Chavez led one of the groups to fight for field worker rights, which par ticipated inRead MoreLegalization Of Same Sex Marriage1504 Words   |  7 Pagessex marriage, in where some states legalized same sex marriage but there are still some states that have not or even have banned same sex marriage. Every human has the right to love, in this case, marriage is a privilege that everyone should have, the freedom of choosing a partner in their life; therefore the equality of human rights has to be more reinforced and same sex marriage must be legalized in every state in The USA. (add essay map) SAME SEX MARRIAGE IN THE US According to the National ConderenceRead MoreLegal Workplace: Women Overcoming Obstacles Essay1375 Words   |  6 Pagesseriously, especially since women are in a protected class under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act in 1964. Young women, adolescents and children, are being encouraged from a young age to strive for success in the same frame of mind as men. In other words, young women are not being as encouraged to be housewives. Independence is strongly encouraged. Finally, legal workplaces are redesigning their organizations to better accommodate for female specific needs, such as maternity leave. The legal workplaceRead MoreDiscrimination Towards The Lgbtq Community1483 Words   |  6 PagesCarolyn Kasper Mrs. Gallos English 3 6 April 2017 Discrimination Towards the LGBTQ Community We as a society are not doing enough to end the discrimination in the LGBTQ ( Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer) community . There is no reason to discriminate someone for what they do behind closed doors and they should keep their negative words and actions to themselves. No one no matter what they believe in should be discriminated against. Just because someone who is attracted to the sameRead MoreCivil Rights And Same Sex Marriage2166 Words   |  9 Pages Civil rights and same sex marriage is a topic I would love to write my senior paper about. I am very interested in this because especially now, it seems to be all any one is talking about. I go onto Facebook and see friends who have changed their profile pictures to the gay rights equality sign or the gay pride flag. It seems to be everywhere I look. However, my question is, if homosexuality is all around us why is it so hard for people to accept? I understand religion and conservativesRead MoreAnalysis Of Herbert Blumer s Social Movement1738 Words   |  7 Pagespartake in a movement in order to implement change through the use of protests and community involvement to share their goal. Particularly, participants of the LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, etc,) movement strive to gain equality and acceptance for people of all genders and sexual orientations in modern day society while ending discrimination against these individuals with regards to employment, housing , social opportunity, and more (Levy, 2015). This particular social movement illustratesRead MoreLgbt Views On Lgbt Rights Movement Essay1598 Words   |  7 Pages The LGBT Rights Movement (in which LGBT stands for â€Å"lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender†) dates its beginnings back to almost a century in the United States. The movement aims to bring equality and acceptance on all platforms of life to those who identify as LGBT. Whether it be in the workplace, in school, or even in church, LGBT individuals have historically been discriminated against across the globe. While the overt and systemic discrimination against those who identify as LGBT has subsidedRead MoreThe People Have Made Outstanding Progress On Their Goal Essay2092 Words   |  9 Pagespansexual (LGBT+) community, such as the Orlando gay nightclub shooting, are one of the common occurrences, right behind racial attacks (Saul). LGBT people have made outstanding progress on their goal to reach equality. For example, same-sex couples now have the right to adopt children in all the states of America and thanks to President Obama, federal workers cannot be discriminated upon sexual orientation or gender identity (Clinton). Although the LGBT community has civil rights that should

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The Election of 1824 Essay - 969 Words

The election of 1824 is one of the most unique and interesting elections in American history. The four candidates in the election were William Crawford, Henry Clay, John Quincy Adams, and Andrew Jackson. They were all from the Jacksonian Republican Party. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;William H. Crawford was very experienced in politics. Before running for president in 1824, he was James Monroe’s secretary of war and he was also secretary of treasury under Monroe and James Madison. He also served in congress as an U.S. Senator from Georgia. He was a minister to France from 1813 thru 1815. Prior to the election of 1824, Crawford had a stroke and was nearly blinded. Despite his health, the Congressional caucuses selected Crawford for their†¦show more content†¦After leaving the House, he served in the Senate. In the war of 1812, Jackson became one the major generals of the war and he became the national hero of the war when he defeated the British at the Battle of New Orleans. After this battle people nationwide started calling him â€Å"Old Hickory.†3 Jackson said his main concern if he was president would be the internal improvements to the nation to guarantee national defense and he claimed adherence to a â€Å"jud icious tariff.†4 nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;John Quincy Adams, the son of former president John Adams, had a very rich political background prior to the election of 1824. In 1803, he was elected to the senate. He spent a few years in the senate, and then in 1809, James Madison appointed Adams his minister to St. Petersburg. He helped to bring about the end of The War of 1812 by help negotiate the Treaty of Ghent in 1814. After the war was over he became the minister to London in 1815. Then in 1817, James Monroe appointed Adams his secretary of state.5 Adams supported protective tariffs and federal programs that were intended for internal improvements. He was also had a much more formal manner than the other candidates.6 As for the election, Andrew Jackson had the most popular votes with 153,544. John Quincy Adams came in second with 108,740. Coming in third and fourth respectively were William Crawford and Henry Clay. Crawford had 46,618 votes and Clay had 47,136.Show MoreRelatedThe Men Of The 1824 Election1177 Words   |  5 PagesThe Men of the 1824 Election The political climate of 1824 was turbulent, a dynamic and would alter the history of the United States of America for the foreseeable future. â€Å"The 1824 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION marked the final collapse of the Republican-Federalist political framework. For the first time no candidate ran as a Federalist, while five significant candidates competed as Democratic-Republicans.† ( James Monroe was the President of the United States of America (P.O.TRead MoreThe Presidential Election Of 1824872 Words   |  4 PagesDuring the election of 1824, there were five candidates for the president. The election of 1824 was the fall of the Federalist Party that never would rise to power again. All the candidates were Democratic-Republican, but that didn’t seem to weigh heavily on the outcome of the election of 1824. The two front runners were John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson that would be decided by the House of Representatives because of the Twelve Ame ndment to the Constitution states the House will decide by majorityRead MoreValidity And Reliability Of The Election Of 18241381 Words   |  6 Pagesheavily on theoretical data especially in relation to elections taking place in the nineteenth century. Because of this one might question the validity and reliability of the conclusions. The sources I used to reach those conclusions are qualitative and they aim to understand why the elections have turned out the way they ultimately did. Some numerical data exists for the 2000 election and I will utilize those figures in relation to that election to explore corruption. While the information will beRead MoreAndrew Jackson s Views On The Election Of 18241483 Words   |  6 Pagesto presidency was unique. In the election of 1824, there were four main candidates, John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, William H. Crawford, and Andrew Jackson. Jackson gained the most popular votes of the four Democratic-Republican candidates, but not the majority of electoral votes to win the election. Henry Clay, who was eliminated from the election, held a decisive position as the speaker of the House of Representatives. Clay was in a position to throw the election to the candidate of his choice. ClayRead MoreThe Election of 1928 for US President664 Words   |  3 PagesThe election of 1828 marked a major turning point in America political history. A new style of substance became the rule. New techniques of mass mobilization, such as campaign advertising, public speeches, and other kinds of political propaganda became essential to running a successful campaign. Three main factors contributed to the rise of a new kind of politics by the election of 1828, the contentious presidential election of 1824, the expansion of the voting right and the American economic BoomRead MoreDefinition Of Deference On White Males1104 Words   |  5 Pagespresidential nominee for the election of 1824 who were the other four candidates in this election? The Republican caucus chose William Crawford, Monroe’s secretary of the Treasury, as their presidential nominee for the election of 1824. The other four candidates in this election were John Quincy Adams, John C. Calhoun, Henry Clay, and General Andrew Jackson. 4. What occurred in this election which was similar to the election of 1800? In both 1800 and 1824, the election was decided in the House ofRead MoreComparing Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Essay1647 Words   |  7 PagesThese are the Two Worst Candidates in History Throughout the history of the American presidential elections there has never been an election that is being dread this much. The choices for the election are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton has spent years in politics, and has held both the position Secretary of State and First Lady. She is well known for the federal investigation into her and the corruption of the Clinton Foundation. Trump on the other hand, is a very successful businessmanRead MoreThe Andrew Jackson s War On Against The U.s. Bank848 Words   |  4 PagesThe Purpose of this essay is to discuss the Andrew Jackson Administration. I will first talk about Jackson’s war on against the U.S. Bank. Second, I will talk about the Presidential election of 1824, 1828, and 1832. Third, I will talk about the Indian Removal Act as well as the Trail of Tears. Fourth, the ways in which Jackson expanded the power of the president. Fifth and final, the Nullification Crisis of 1832. The Bank of the United States was technically the second bank of the U.S. since theRead MoreThe War Of North Carolina1089 Words   |  5 Pagesconstitutional convention in 1795, then Tennessee s first congressman, then a senator. He resigned his Senate post after one year to take a job closer to home, as judge of Tennessee s superior court. In 1802 he challenged Governor John Sevier for election as major general in command of the state militia. Jackson s senior by more than twenty years, Sevier was a veteran of the Revolution and of many Indian campaigns, and the state s leading politician. Jackson beat him for the generalship, but theRead MoreThe War Of North Carolina1089 Words   |  5 Pagesconstitutional convention in 1795, then Tennessee s first congressman, then a senator. He resigned his Senate post after one year to take a job closer to home, as judge of Tennessee s superior court. In 1802 he challenged Governor John Sevier for election as major general in command of the s tate militia. Jackson s senior by more than twenty years, Sevier was a veteran of the Revolution and of many Indian campaigns, and the state s leading politician. Jackson beat him for the generalship, but the

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Toyota Motoring Manufacturing Free Essays

1) How does the andon procedure work and what are its fundamental aspects? How much does it cost to stop the line? What are the benefits of stopping the line? The andon procedure is adopted by Toyota Motor Manufacturing to ensure quality of their products. It involves the pulling of the andon cord whenever production at a work station is unable to be completed within the cycle time, or whenever any problem is faced. Pulling the andon cord will alert the team leader to the station. We will write a custom essay sample on Toyota Motoring Manufacturing or any similar topic only for you Order Now If the problem can be corrected immediately, assembly is resumed by pulling the andon cord again. However, if the team leader is unable to solve the problem, the line is stopped. With this process, Toyota is able to manufacture quality products and prevent defective products from being transferred on to the next station. This is in line with Toyota’s principle of jidoka where problems are instantly detected and production is stopped whenever a problem is detected. However, stopping the line will reduce the flow time of the car assembly and flow rate of the production. As more time is required to produce the cars, worker overtime costs will be incurred. According to the case, line stoppages caused a shortfall of 45 cars per shift. These cars could have been sold in the market instead. Thus, line stoppages caused lost revenue (opportunity cost) for these 45 cars. In analyzing the costs for stopping the line, we assume that hourly wage per team leader is set at a 6. 5% premium. We assume 769 team members are spread equally between the two shifts. We assume that each worker causes an average of 1 line stop per shift. The number of shortfalls in a shift is based on that in April 1992 i. e. 45 cars. The breakdown of costs incurred to stop the line is as follows: Hourly Wage per Team MemberHourly Wage per Team Leader (6. 5% premium)Overwage rate per Team MemberOvertime Wage Rate per Team Leader 1718. 10525. 527. 1575 Number of Shortfalls per Shift45 Number of Shifts2 Total Team Members769 No. of Team Members per Shift (769/2)384 Number of Team Leaders per Shift102 Number of Stops per Worker per Shift1 Number of Stops per Shift384 Overtime per Car (57s/3600)hrs0. 0158333 Total Overtime Cost per Shift ($)8950. 4713 Overtime Cost per Stop ($)23. 308519 Lost Revenue per Stop (0. 17 x 18,500 x 45)/384368. 5469 Tota Cost Incurred per Stop ($)391. 86 Benefits of stopping the line is to reduce wastage as defects are detected early and problems can be solved earlier before the defect is passed on to the next station. 2) What are the underlying causes of the problems facing Doug Friesen? The main problem faced is a decrease in run ratio, which measured the numbers of cars actually assemble d in proportion to the number of cars that could have been assembled with no line stoppages, from 95% to 85%. This drop also led to a shortfall of 45 cars per shift, which had to be made up with overtime. The underlying causes are as follow: †¢The combination of seats, which resulted from by the variety of Toyota Camry, has increased the probability of defects or human error. †¢Problems are not solved at the point where the defect is detected and the defective cars remained in the assembly line until they are moved to the Code 1 clinic area for further inspection and quality control. Solving problems at the end of the assembly line could be more difficult or require more time than at the spot where the problem was first detected. This is because the car at the end of the assembly line has already been completely assembled thus, making amendments to specific components could be more challenging. †¢There is a long waiting time for the delivery of replacement seats from KFS to TMM. This led to an increase in inventory in the overflow parking area where the cars waited for KFS’ special delivery. 3) How, if at all, does the current routine for handling defective seats deviate from the principles of the Toyota Production System (TPS)? The current routine deviates from the TPS principles of Jidoka and Just-in-Time (JIT) production. JIT Principle TPSCurrent Routine (deviation) Produces only what was needed, how much was needed, and only when it was needed. Any deviation from true production needs was condemned as waste. Defective cars remain in inventory and some have to wait for replacement seats to be delivered. Cars are not produced at maximum capacity. Thus, consumer demand is not met on time. Jidoka Principle TPSCurrent Routine (deviation) Make any production problems instantly self-evident and stop producing whenever the problem was detected. Insisted on building in quality in the production process and condemned any deviation from value-addition as waste. Does not follow the jidoka principle – instead of stopping production and waiting for the new seat to arrive then fixing the seat before production restarts, Toyota continues with production and only fixes the seats after production ends 4) As Doug Friesen, what would you do to address the seat problem? Where would you focus your attention and solution efforts? What options exist? What would you recommend? Why? There are several solutions to address the seat problem in the manufacturing process. These solutions are non-exclusive and could be implemented together. Solution 1: Decrease the error caused by variability in car seat styles. This can be done by investing in training staff so that they will be proficient in handling the variety of seat styles for respective cars and reduce the defect rate caused by human error. Another way is to assemble the cars in batches based on its respective seat styles as this method of production decreases the chance of human error as well since production will be more uniform. However, batching violates Toyota’s ‘Heijunka’ principle. Solution 2: Toyota could also consider the option of repairing the damaged seat immediately rather than allowing it to through the entire process first and congregating at the end of the line; in other words, to put the practice of jidoka into play. All staff involved in the production line will then have to be more critical in ensuring the best quality of the seats, and stop the production line once a defect is realized. However, repair staff would need to be well equipped to handle the situation. Furthermore, this solution requires the production line to stop, thus incurring costs. Solution 3: Switch to another seat supplier or source for additional suppliers to ease the current load on KFS since the current supplier delivers poor quality of seats which causes the problem in the manufacturing process. However, having more than 1 supplier may result in differences across the finished goods as it is difficult for two suppliers to provide identical seats. Solution 4: Stock safety inventory to use it as a buffer for the defective seats so as to decrease the wait time required to deliver replacement seats. However, having excess seat inventory will incur inventory cost. It is also against the JIT principal which hallmarks Toyota. Solution 5: Seats can be redesign such as changing plastic hooks back to metal to reduce the probability of one of the problems for defective seats, which is a broken hook. The focus of the solution should be aimed at improving the internal process problem which is decreasing the human error caused by variability of car seat style and also improving external process problem which is the quality of the car seats supplier. As show in Exhibit 8, the main cause of defective seats comes from the poor quality of seats delivered by the supplier. Therefore it is vital that we would firstly have to improve the delivered seats and Toyota can do so by bringing up this issue to the management at KFS. Toyota must demand for better quality products and if the problem continues due to poor quality of seats, Toyota should then source for additional suppliers to cover up for the lack of quality sets supplied by KFS. Once the external problem has been handled, Toyota must look at ways to improve the capabilities of its production line staff. By training them to handle the various seat styles for respective cars, it increases the skill level of the workers and hence decreases the probability of making an error. However, Toyota will incur training cost but these costs will reflect savings in the long run if its staff would make less errors hence improving the run ratio of the production line. How to cite Toyota Motoring Manufacturing, Papers

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The Courage to Survive free essay sample

Film Aron Ralston, an individual from the film 127 hours whom impressed me greatly as a viewer with his great courage and persistence displayed when stacked against mountainous odds to survive being trapped in a Utah Canyon for 127 hours, displaying the fact that ‘There is no force more powerful then the will to survive. ’ Aron was faced with much adversity throughout the text and his courage to overcome this, really inspired me. This was evident in the film when Aron’s arm was trapped under a boulder. He showed extreme courage by cutting off his own arm to escape. I feel if in this situation many people especially myself, could not pluck up the courage to do such a thing. For this reason I have a lot of respect for the character Aron, and cannot comprehend how much pain he must have gone through to turn his adversity into triumph. Persistence was a value I felt Aron displayed throughout the film. We will write a custom essay sample on The Courage to Survive or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page He never gave up or took the easy option when the odds were stacked against his survival. I thought an example of this in the text was when his arm was trapped underneath the boulder and new it was nearly impossible to get it free. He didn’t let this stop him and kept going for 127 hours, fighting off the easy option to let this challenge be his end. He eventually escaped not giving up till he found safety. The things that Aron achieved while in that canyon I think is something a very select amount of people could do. This showed me that he knew he could do it and kept something very close to him in a place that already seemed like hell. Hope. I think this uplifting film showed us a firsthand view of a man’s true character in the darkest of times. I really have appreciation for Aron Ralston and regard him highly. I wish if one day I was in the same situation I could handle as well as he did and not lose sight of what is really important. William Miles 11RK